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Creativity: Where Did That Come From?

Be part of a project that brings goodness, beauty, and peace to the world through creativity . . .

An exploration of the process of creativity via interviews, beautiful video imagery, and new orchestral music.

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This July we will film the recording sessions of my new "The Nature Suite" with Orchestra da Camera di Perugia, formerly known as I Solisti di Perugia as I say in this video.  We will film interviews with some of these instrumentalists along with people in the U.S. who work in the performing and visual arts and the behavioral sciences.  These brief interviews will help the viewer understand the mystery of creativity and how humans express it.  Interspersed among the interviews will be segments of video footage of spectacular beauty in the U.S. with a few movements of my orchestral suite as musical enhancement.  

The funds raised will allow us to make a digital recording of my music and film the recording sessions, along with some post-production work in Chicago that will result in a polished program for possible telecast.

I've been a Franciscan friar 45 years.  I've composed, published and recorded music of all sorts since 1978 and this is, by far, the most ambitious project I've even undertaken.  Exciting as this is, poor as I am, I can't do this one alone.  The more people we have working to accomplish our goal, the more beautiful the end result will be.  Thank you very much for being part of "Creativity: Where Did That Come From?"   I sincerely hope we can find an answer to that question that's been in my heart for years! 

Peace ~ Friar Bob Hutmacher, ofm

Come to Assisi and Rome with Fr. Bob in November 2014.  Read more



ASSISI THROUGH MY EYES  By Fr. Robert Hutmacher, O.F.M.

I experiment with art forms and admired pen and ink drawings for years. I’ve created a series of prints of Assisi.  I want to share a few of them with you because they describe visually some of the most endearing places on Mother Earth.

The first is a CITYSCAPE OF ASSISI with the huge, walled compound surrounding the Basilica of St. Francis on the left.  On the far right side is the bell tower of the Basilica of St. Clare.  The tallest tower about midway through town is the city watch tower built in 1274 and you may see the dark dome of San Rufino, the cathedral. Read more













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