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January 2017 Legionnaire Article

 by Fr. Bob Humacher

A few weeks ago I took my harp in for a new set of 47 strings and its annual regulation; the concert grand harp has over 2,000 parts and they all have to work in perfect unison to guarantee accuracy in pitch and movement. I have to save for a long time because the process is labor intensive and costly but the technicians at Lyon & Healy do marvelous work.  Knowing that this 26-year-old instrument is strong as ever helps me play with confidence and joy.  It’s a great feeling.

If only more parts of life could be so easy to deal with and instill confidence in us.  We citizens of the U.S. are now in our every-four-years period of transition.  We’ve been through the process many times and yet there’s something about this 2017 transition that is very, very different. I remember election results that brought surprise, chagrin and disappointment.  2016, however, brought a new low in the political scene in our country.  Vitriolic language, accusations that shocked the public, vile attitudes and obscene male behavior were embarrassing.  I will not politicize in this article but I have the responsibility of being a good citizen while also doing what God asks of me as ordained servant in the Franciscan fraternity.

So I ask myself and you: how do we, as Catholics, respond to the new government taking shape as this article is being written?  How do we live as faithful members of the Body of Christ while living in what seems to be a radical shift in government direction, in international relations? The horrid days (in my opinion) of Campaign 2015-16 were interminable and brought some of the ugliest and most divisive public rhetoric I’ve ever experienced. The racial division in our Land of the Free is no longer just under the surface as explosions of hatred and violence compound the already volatile atmosphere of fear, pain and the lived reality of a vast economic divide. 

Read the entire article, What Shall We Do?


The Nature Suite

New music by Robert M. Hutmacher, ofm

with Orchestra da Camera di Perugia


The Nature Suite’s sixteen movements are uplifting, joyful, tender and rooted in the realities of natural beauty all around us.  My years as a Franciscan have given me a deep sensitivity to human nature and to the splendors of life in its fullness.  I am grateful that I am a musician and have such a splendid manner to express the richness of life as I perceive it.

This collection has been a joy to produce with my friends, Orchestra da Camera di Perugia.   Each movement captures one place or element or creature in a particular style.  My background as a child of the Midwest U.S is apparent in the sounds captured in The Nature Suite. I believe this collection came from personal creativity and divine inspiration.  Without words the listener can experience what I have in the marvels of creation


The CD is now for sale on line!

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